Mind MGMT #5


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Mind MGMT #5


  • Words: Matt Kindt
  • Art: Matt Kindt
  • Inks: Matt Kindt
  • Colors: Matt Kindt
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Sep 26, 2012

The whole story of Mind MGMT’s top agent Henry Lyme is unveiled, and the strange twists of this twisted plot get even stranger.

With immortals still hot on their trail, Meru sits in a boat with Henry Lyme listening to his life story –– as it pertains to the mysterious organization known as Mind MGMT. Paranoid that the life that he knew was all a figment of his own making, Henry grows increasing unstable, ultimately sacrificing the happiness he should have felt with his wife and child for an internal world of loneliness and despair. That is until Henry finds something in the wreckage of a city his subconscious mind had laid to ruin –– a young, red-headed girl, not unlike the one he’s speaking with now…

Just when you think the mysteries surrounding Henry Lyme are coming to light and starting to make sense, Matt Kindt hurls a monkey wrench into the works as expertly as a ninja throws a shuriken, and boy, does he hit the mark! He even helps us to remember the first few panels of Mind MGMT #1, almost as if Matt himself is getting into our minds, and by doing so, he allows the reader, through subtle foreshadowing, to piece together the truth from the facts he’s bread-crumbed us along by. But once we reach our own conclusion, there’s that wrench in the road, setting the scene toward the conclusion of this first installment of Mind MGMT.

And in this month’s edition of “The Second Floor,” we’re introduced to Madame Rienne and the Annulment Department at Mind MGMT. Plus, in an all-new case file, “The Archivist,” we’re given a more metaphysical sense of how far and wide Mind MGMT’s reach extends, both in place and time.

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