Mind MGMT #7


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Mind MGMT #7


  • Words: Matt Kindt
  • Art: Matt Kindt
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Jan 23, 2013

A new story arc sets a strangely familiar stage for Meru and the mystery of Mind MGMT!

Meru wakes up much the same way she did in Mind MGMT #1, only this time she makes a change that startles a message courier, which launches the best-selling author of Premeditated on a journey to find out who has sent her a very special kind of letter. Her quest ultimately lands her face to face with Mind Management’s Ad Man, who unravels a story of gifted schoolchildren and assassination letters. But someone is after Meru, and only Henry Lyme can rescue his one chance at redemption and maybe eliminate this most mysterious of organizations once and for all.

This second story arc of Matt Kindt’s cerebral freak show Mind MGMT starts off very similar to the first issue, but very different as well, re-introducing us to Meru and her world. Blending in not only characters we’ve become familiar with throughout the previous six issues of Mind MGMT, but also mentions of a character from Kindt’s Revolver along the liner notes that expound in subtle detail on the subject of Meru’s first book, Kindt is intent on growing what’s sure to be a stellar story sprouting from the seeds planted in readers’ minds six months prior.

And as usual, Mind MGMT #7 comes with a new installment of “The Second Floor,” which retells in twenty square panels the bulk of the original story arc that started it all, as well as a new case file for a character called “The Hulk.” If you’re not reading Matt Kindt’s Mind MGMT by now, watch out behind you!

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