Please God, Find Me a Husband!


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Please God, Find Me a Husband!


  • Words: Simone Lia
  • Art: Simone Lia
  • Publisher: Jonathan Cape
  • Price: £14.99
  • Release Date: Apr 5, 2012

An uplifting and appealing example of the slice-of-life genre of comics, told with a sparkle and humility all of its own.

At nearly 34 years of age Simone Lia finds herself dumped by her current boyfriend and at a personal crossroads in her life. Wandering through London’s Leicester Square, in a state of near despair, she asks God for help in finding her a husband. The subsequent sign she receives to this plaintive plea leads her on an “adventure with God” that will eventually take her to the other side of the world. This journey begins with a brief contemplative sojourn in a nunnery in Wales with her friend Sister Mary Trinity and concludes with a quest to meet a true hermit in Australia. There she encounters the handsome outback horseman Brett. Is this Antipodean acquaintance destined to become the beau she has long been searching for, or does God have other plans for her?

At the risk of generalising, mainstream comics, like many elements of pop culture, don’t tend to be particularly sympathetic in their depiction of religion. Indeed many reading this review – if they’ve even got this far – may have already scanned the preceding paragraph and dismissed Please God, Find Me a Husband! on the basis of its religious overtones. In that respect the naysayers will be doing themselves a disservice because Lia’s storytelling approach in this book is not about sermonising, or basking in some form of spiritual superiority. Rather, this is one person’s honest, and often humble, account of her own faith and where it leads her.

Lia adopts an engagingly self-deprecating narrative voice throughout and there’s something very likeable about the flights of fancy that the story occasionally sidesteps into. From imagining herself as a Victorian spinster or playing a game of Operation with Christ, through to Simone being depicted in later sequences as Penelope Cruz after a casual compliment from Brett the handsome Australian horseman, there’s a wit and charm to this graphic novel that will confound the expectations of anyone going in believing this will be an overtly serious piece of work. Heightening this sense of fun is Lia’s economical cartooning style which is simultaneously sparing and yet hugely expressive.

You don’t need to be deeply devout to enjoy Please God, Find Me a Husband!, nor is it inaccessible to the atheistic or agnostic. Whatever the individual reader’s personal beliefs, or lack thereof, this is an uplifting and appealing example of the slice-of-life genre of comics told with a sparkle and humility all of its own.

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