Point of Impact #1


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Point of Impact #1


  • Words: Jay Faerber
  • Art: Koray Kuranel
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Oct 10, 2012

With gun still smoking from his run on Near Death, Jay Faerber reloads with an all-new crime story that takes aim at action and intrigue.

A woman falls, jumps, or is thrown from the roof of an apartment complex, and it’s up to two detectives to stitch together the truth about this cryptic case. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband, Mitch Rafferty, comes home to find it’s being ransacked by a masked man keen to hand-to-hand combat and who ultimately makes off with his wife’s laptop. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the detectives arrive at his doorstep shortly after and inform him of his wife’s death. That’s when a call traced from the victim’s cell phone yields the first clue that might unravel the facts in the death of Nicole Rafferty.

Illustrated in bold black and white, Point of Impact’s storytellers Jay Faerber and Koray Kuranel spin the beginning threads of what will prove a sordid murder mystery. Through evocative artwork rich in its interplay of light and shadow, Kuranel gives us a noir tale that’s heightened by Faerber’s natural flair for more modern crime dramas. Fast-paced in its action (by the turn of the first page, we’ve got a dead body on the roof of a car) and taking its time with the unfolding plot, Point of Impact #1 wraps caution tape around a crime scene that will play out brilliantly in this four-issue miniseries and ultimately answer the question: what really happened to Nicole Rafferty?

And if you were as much a fan of Jay Faerber’s work on Near Death as I was, you’ll also be pleased to see that he’s continuing his always insightful “Under the Influence” column, which concludes Point of Impact #1.

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