Reset #1


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Reset #1


  • Words: Peter Bagge
  • Art: Peter Bagge
  • Colors: Peter Bagge
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: Apr 18, 2012

The chance to relive your life digitally. With a reset button. Just in case.

Peter Bagge’s new limited series Reset attempts to retrace the life of Guy Krause, a washed-up actor who has more pride than may be financially feasible. Meeting Dr. Angie Minor during his D.U.I. class sends his world out of whack when she introduces to him a way he can virtually relive his past one event at a time. Cynical about the devils in the details of such a device, and doubly paranoid at how Angie was able to procure such in-depth particulars about his past, Guy storms off, but soon returns due to his own pride and the simple fact that he won’t be able to pay his bills without this fast cash fix. But after all’s said and (re)done, Guy might actually gain something more rewarding than money.

A humorous romp of a debut issue, Reset literally made me laugh out loud a few times by shaking the boundaries between classic wisecracks and utter raunch. Psychology also plays a subtle but important role in Bagge’s storyline, since if we strip away the humor element, what we’re left with is a tale about a down-on-his-luck guy who, by re-examining and reliving his past, can make more informed decisions that will virtually alter his past –– especially all the “sordid details” of the celebrity life he’d like to lay to rest –– and might, in reality, lead to what we hope will be a clean slate on which Guy can etch out a better future for himself. If only he could get past the reset button!

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