Saucer Country #2


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Saucer Country #2


  • Words: Paul Cornell
  • Art: Ryan Kelly
  • Colors: Giulia Brusco
  • Story Title: Run Part Two
  • Publisher: Vertigo Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Apr 12, 2012

The fallout hits Arcadia's candidacy.

With the second installment of Saucer Country, Paul Cornell continues to delve deeper into the political drama that surrounds presidential hopeful Arcadia’s life.  Lurking in the background of Arcadia’s candidacy, however, is the ever deepening mystery of her possible alien abduction, the implications of that on her run for president, and the fate of all humanity.  Like most Vertigo titles, the slow and deliberate pace of Saucer Country is welcome, as the dedicated introduction and development of characters will surely yield a rewarding experience as the series unfolds.

Paul Cornell picks up in Saucer Country #2 with several characters’ reactions to Arcadia’s alien abduction, whether it be her campaign manager’s angry frustration over the career killing statement, her former husband’s bewildered and stumbling search for understanding, or the candidate’s own resolve in her story.  The most interesting character Cornell reintroduces, however, is Professor Kidd, whose (possibly imagined) interactions with a projection of the Pioneer Couple perfectly captures the enigmatic tone of Saucer Country.  Kidd’s assumed inevitable inclusion into Arcadia’s candidacy is bound to explode the sci-fi content of Saucer Country wide open.

Paul Cornell’s name alone would have made the purchase of Saucer Country worth it, yet the split unfolding drama of Arcadia’s run for presidency, coupled with her alien abduction, packs the series full of interesting threads.  Now that Professor Kidd and the accompanying Pioneer Couple are making their way to New Mexico to meet Arcadia, Saucer Country’s most interesting aspects are destined to collide.

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