Secret Avengers #22


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Secret Avengers #22


  • Words: Rick Remender
  • Art: Gabriel Hardman
  • Colors: Bettie Breitweiser
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Feb 8, 2012

After the shaky hand-off Point One issue, Rick Remender delivers a debut for his run on Secret Avengers that is strong beyond belief. The team immediately faces a conflict when a woman in the Middle East shows signs of superpowers, but, naturally, a new team of super-villains from all corners of the globe shows up to nab her for themselves. It’s a fast-paced issue with wry and lively dialogue, deft characterization, and a threat that already seems too much for this new team to handle.

Captain Britian makes for a fun addition to the team, but even though Hawkeye explains it, it is hard to understand why they need him on the team. The same could be said for Valkyrie; how is a large, muscular woman with an over-sized sword valuable on a team that undergoes stealth missions that rely heavily on subtlety and subterfuge? No one ever says, but Remender runs with the cast and makes a highly entertaining start that only continues to keep the quality of this series high.

Remender made a slew of creative new villains in his Uncanny X-Force series, and here he does it again with the four “descendant collectors.” They come from New York, Egypt, Israel, and Mexico with names like The Ideal, The Urn, The Origin, and The Swine, and while their powers are not spelt out entirely, they immediately prove too much for the team to handle. There’s one who sprouts miniature versions of the team from glowing pods on her back. Disgusting? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes!

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