Secret Invasion #1


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Secret Invasion #1


  • Words: Brian MIchael Bendis
  • Art: Leinil YU
  • Inks: Mark Morales
  • Colors: Laura Martin
  • Story Title: N/A
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Apr 2, 2008

Skrulls. Finally the invasion is here. Get your popcorn, kiddies, this is gonna be fun!

We all know what this is about. The Skrulls have infiltrated the Marvel Universe and have their eyes set on domination. They are undetectable by most of the means our heroes have used in the past. The Invansion starts here and it comes hard and fast.

Wow. Brian Michael Bendis has given us one heck of an opening issue. Pretty early on things get out of control and it does nothing but ratchet up from there. This is the big summer popcorn blockbuster that Quesada has been promising us all along. Fortunately for us, this one seems a little smarter than War World Hulk proper did.

This story comes at us with a frenetic pace and the internet is sure to come to a loud roar. For all the jaw dropping moments contained in the first issue, there are probably ten other things to be explained. The Skrulls, like Bendis, are not going to let us take a breath during this whole thing. The reveals and big moments start just a few pages in and almost every other page features a moment that will make fanboys everywhere bug out their eyes.

There are a couple of clunky bits. Scenes that don’t readily tell you what is going on (yes, I have my eyes on you, Thunderbolt Mountain) and dialogue that doesn’t make immediate sense. However, I have a feeling that these are supposed to be that way (in fact, I KNOW it is true for one particular piece of repeated dialogue) and that all will be explained in time. Heck, I imagine by the time the dust settles that we will even know for sure what that Skrull was doing in Avengers: Disassembled.

It sure is nice to see Yu’s art get inked again. It still isn’t as tight as the work Gary Frank is doing with the style over in Action Comics, but it is much better then the rushed and unfinished art that plagued Yu’s run in The New Avengers. There is still some wackiness from the penciler though, his Spider-Man is way too ripped. Seriously, with the paper thin costume he must be wearing, there is nothing left to the imagination and a breeze must make old Pete awfully cold.

Yu does a fantastic job conveying the script here. There are none of the muddy panels that were often indiscernable in Strange’s Inner Sanctum. There is a little color thing at one point, but if you heed my advice and pay attention to colors, you should do fine. As I stated above there are a few panels that don’t readily make sense, but I am not sure they are supposed to at this point.

While it is not a perfect comic by any stretch of the imagination, if the first issue is any indication, this is going to be one heck of a ride. Fortunately, much of the prep work has been done in other books, so the exposition is light and summary like so that we can get to the reveals and explosions right away. Yippy Kiyay!

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