Shanna the She-Devil #6


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Shanna the She-Devil #6


  • Words: Frank Cho
  • Art: Frank Cho
  • Inks: Frank Cho
  • Colors: Jason Keith
  • Story Title: The Killing Season- Part Six
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: Jul 7, 2005

In this latest issue, Shanna must defend against 300 baby raptors and protect the good doctor at the same time.

So far I am enjoying writer/artist Frank Cho’s revamp of Shanna the She Devil. Each issue keeps getting better and better and this issue is told exceptionally well. There’s plenty of action from start to finish, and I am sure the climax in the next issue will be well worth the wait. But in the meantime, I am still savoring the moment with this issue, and for anyone who enjoys old time action-laden stories this one may be for you.

The story opens with Shanna and the good doctor cutting a path through a herd of baby raptors all gathered down below in the valley. The trouble here is that the pair must travel through them in order to get to the opposite side where the encampment is located. Shanna grits her teeth and is armed with a great big machete. With the doctor in tow, she begins swinging wildly and hacks her way through the throng of dinosaurs. Shanna is so determined to get through the conflict as quickly as possible, despite having to protect the good doctor as well. She orders the doc to keep moving while she cuts loose on dozens of raptors getting in her way, and surprisingly they make it across to the other side unscathed. But again, the doctor proves to be the weak link between them and inadvertently gets himself in a jam. Once again it’s up to Shanna to save the day; only this time she may not have the ability to pull him through. Now that also leaves us with an ending that will have you panting for more.

There’s no doubt about Frank Cho’s attempt to tell a good story. He’s certainly keeping this tale abreast with plenty of action and it’s never boring. I do have one small complaint that started to annoy me in this issue though. It’s a minor one, but I found the doctor repeating his favorite saying "holy buckets" one time too many for my tastes. Again, it’s not a big deal per se, but I think it does indicate his inexperience as a writer. Frank’s story is obviously light on dialogue, but stronger artistically. His artwork here is topnotch, and I have never seen a sexier looking Shanna before this. At times I find his work titillating, but it doesn’t always work in the fashion that I think it should. Shanna is drawn like a character culled straight from a Russ Meyer movie, and she does seem out of place at times. I can overlook that since the work is rendered exceptionally well, and he’s obviously having a ball with penciling this adventure.

All in all, this issue is loaded with dramatic moments from beginning to end. The events in this series are more akin to the action serials of the 30’s and 40’s along with that added fetish Fank Cho is famous for exploiting. Give this issue a try if you can handle that bit of added extra spice. It’s well worth your $3.50!

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