Silence & Co.


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Silence & Co.


  • Words: Gur Benshemesh
  • Art: Ron Randall
  • Inks: Ron Randall
  • Publisher: Crystal Productions
  • Price: $9.99
  • Release Date: Apr 25, 2013

Silence & Co. is a 176-page, black and white crime thriller with the tagline “a young hitman takes on the world’s most powerful criminal bank.”

When I first got this one in my hands, I was very impressed with the cover. It was almost plain black but with spot illustrations and a glossy look. It had a great feel about it!

Opening the comic you will continue to have that feeling because the credit page as well as the chapter-pages are done superbly with that lovely Silence logo. The creators sure wanted to go for the full package with this and did not skip those chapter-pages to get a lower page-count and thus lower printer costs.

Anyway... the story itself is lavishly illustrated in great black and white, and in such a fashion that not once do you feel the need to have this colored. All the characters stay easily recognizable, despite the many persons traveling through the story. Only now and then do you feel that a few panels are rushed but all in all the detailed pages/backgrounds are done remarkably well, for such a new player in the field of comics.

To get into the story: a hitman, with pretty narcissistic habits, wants to respect his (Italian) family despite being only half-Italian and despite his feelings of doubt in regards to his chosen profession. He is also torn by his duty to his father and, even more so, to the uncle who raised him. Alex's father is a big honcho in the maffia in New York who is taking a lot of heat from law enforcers, but he sends his hitman son on a mission to kill judges and witnesses. At a certain point the heat gets to be too much for Alex and he feels the need to take a little holiday. While on holiday he is recruited by a secret organization called SILENCE that puts him on another high-risk mission. Alex feels obligated to join SILENCE at his family's request, but soon the mission goes awry and all hell breaks loose.

Add to this a beautiful girl, a lot of confusion, Alex's need for revenge, and answers and family intrigues and you have one big read ahead of you!

Due to Alex's cunning and his principles he keeps on going strong, eventually en route to dismembering the world's biggest underworld bank. To say more would be telling, but rest assured: you are in for a treat!

The story is laced with many well-thought-out and well-phrased concepts and due to the ongoing action, the dynamic between all parties involved, and the constantly interesting dialogue, this OGN is something you will want to read cover to cover in one sitting!

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