Teen Titans #25


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Teen Titans #25


  • Words: Geoff Johns
  • Art: Matthew Clark
  • Inks: Art Thibert
  • Colors: Jeremy Cox
  • Story Title: The Insiders: Part 3
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.50
  • Release Date: Jun 22, 2005

The thrilling 4 part ‘Insiders’ storyline continues, as both the Titans and Outsiders confront betrayal from within.

I can’t say I am a huge fan of crossover stories involving more than one title. I’ve often found the hype doesn’t necessarily live up to the story being told, so I tend to shy away from crossovers in general. But I will admit there was something intriguing about a crossover with the Titans and Outsiders that caught my attention. Perhaps it was the mention of Donna Troy’s link to the story, or the stunning work of newcomer Matthew Clark on Titans. I’m not sure what it was exactly, but so far I am enjoying the story immensely.

The third part of the ‘Insiders’ jumps right into the conflict between the two teams and an army of robot Supermen. The battle is relentless and much of it dominates the first half of the issue. The two teams eventually manage to overcome the robots and stave off the threat, then start bickering amongst themselves afterwards. This was to be expected with two diverse teams full of youthful and brash members, but I don’t think they expected another all out attack so quickly. So it’s no surprise the real culprits behind the onslaught of robot Supermen show up to continue giving the teams a hard time. Again, it’s another battle to contend with, and this one pretty much sums up the theme of the issue. The fight quickly ensues and as the heroes are pressed into battle, several revelations come to light shaking various members of both teams.

Despite this being an issue almost solely devoted to one long action sequence, writer Geoff Johns did take the time to squeeze in some meaningful dialogue. There has always been immediacy in his scripting, and here he quickly validates the wants and needs of both teams. Much of what was said between the groups wasn’t earth shattering, but it was engrossing just the same. I am sure Geoff Johns pulled back the reigns here somewhat to allow artist Matthew Clark a chance to strut his stuff with some stunning pencil work. His art really stood out here, and you could tell he was having the time of his life with several scenes of Wonder Girl cutting loose. He was obviously the right choice for this kind of action driven story, and hopefully he’ll be back to chronicle more Titans adventures in the near future. One can only hope.

All in all, this was a decent issue if you like more action-driven stories. I don’t mind stories that favor action over plot/dialogue and this issue certainly allowed both teams a chance to show what makes them tick. It’s a decent effort for the third act, and hopefully the last part of ‘Insiders’ will be just as action packed as this one. So go and pick up Outsiders #25, I know I am.

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