The All-New Atom #13


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The All-New Atom #13


  • Words: Gail Simone
  • Art: Mike Norton
  • Inks: Dan Green
  • Colors: Alex Bleyaert
  • Story Title: The Hunt for Ray Palmer Part Two: Second Genesis
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 5, 2007

Ryan Choi begins his quest to find the missing Ray Palmer, but will he be able to survive the first stop on the journey with a sword in hand?

I have been singing the praises of Gail Simone’s new Atom series for quite a while now because every single issue is chock full of action, humor and suspense. It’s been about a year now, and after having established Ryan Choi as the new Atom, it’s time to go back and figure out what has happened to the former one.

So we’re now in the second part of the storyline that will finally reveal what has happened to Ray Palmer and this one begins with a stop at the village where the Atom once wielded a sword. Of course Ryan has no idea what he is getting himself into, and with the help of Chronos, our reluctant hero is thrust into the ocean to fend for himself. Now after swimming to shore, Ryan encounters a hostile group of pint-sized aliens who capture him and claim him to be a demon. Ryan manages to flee the situation only to fall into the clutches of a rival tribe feuding with the tribe he has just left. To make matters worse, the Atom encounters a group of heroes who seek his services, thus allowing for a greater mystery to be solved.

I really like the sense of adventure Gail Simone has managed to imprint into this series. Every issue seems to be a pleasant surprise, and above all else she even has a sense of humor to offset this with. Of course this issue is no exception and the best moments came at the beginning as Chronos recounts a bit of his past to Ryan. I also liked how she was able to weave a bit of previous continuity into this issue, and going back to revisit an interesting moment in Ray Palmer’s life was sheer brilliance. I know I keep saying this, but she’s one writer who deserves more accolades then she is probably getting at this point in her career.

To balance this review out, I would be remiss if I failed to say a few kind words towards artist Mike Norton. He’s the kind of talent that suits the tone of this series like a well worn glove, and so far I am enjoying every moment of it. It’s not often that you will get that potent one-two punch from a creative team, and with Mike taking over this assignment from Eddie Barrows there’s no doubt this teaming will be important to the success of this arc. He’s that good of an artist and I am glad that DC decided to give him a higher profile book to play with.

This series has always been off-kilter in terms of the kinds of stories the new Atom has encountered thus far. I can’t say any of the stories I have read were predictable in the traditional sense of what a superhero title should be, and Gail has proven she can put her own unique spin to this one. I am hoping though, that the big reveal of Ray Palmer’s whereabouts adds to what she has already established with this title and I am sure the next twelve months will be just as important as the first twelve were.

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