The Cape 1969 #1


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The Cape 1969 #1


  • Words: Jason Ciaramella
  • Art: Nelson Daniel
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Jul 4, 2012

Jason Ciaramella returns to Joe Hill’s The Cape.

With The Cape 1969, Jason Ciaramella returns to his expansion of Joe Hill’s The Cape, as he lays the groundwork for Eric’s father’s inevitable death, while simultaneously hinting at a superstitious origin for Eric’s cape.  In his first offering in this second volume, Ciaramella takes readers on an intensely graphic ride through war-torn Vietnam, where no American or guerilla fighter is safe.

Though Ciaramella’s story only briefly touches on its connection to the fantastic first volume of The Cape, this second installment is no less powerful or gripping.  The greatest strength of this first issue, for example, is Ciaramella’s ability to foster such an intense feeling of danger and impending doom around his characters, as Eric’s father survives a horrific crash only to be hunted across the gorgeous Vietnamese countryside by North Vietnamese forces.  As the Vietnamese stalk their prey over the land, Ciaramella introduces a nameless tribal face that is no doubt the root of the power that fills Eric’s cape; a plot thread that cannot wait to be built upon.

Stepping into a new role as series artist is Nelson Daniel, The Cape’s original colorist.  Daniel channels Zach Howard’s original art style and themes incredibly well, making the transition from old to new art talent almost seamless.  Unlike Howard’s tight and focused frames, Daniel tends to pencil wider scenes and splash pages that truly capture the vastness and power of every situation.  Though only one issue in, Daniel is penciling a perfect companion piece to Howard’s first volume.

Jason Ciaramella and Nelson Daniel’s The Cape 1969 is a solid first offering that builds upon the writer’s incredibly strong first volume.  With only the briefest appearance of The Cape’s original cast, Ciaramella left himself plenty of room to build his series, one that is sure to turn all the more tragic as it continues.  

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