The Flash #237


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The Flash #237


  • Words: Keith Champagne
  • Art: Koi Turnbull
  • Inks: Art Thibert
  • Colors: Tanya & Richard Horie
  • Story Title: Superman?s Cape
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Feb 20, 2008

Please let this be the one where Waid writes the kids out… please, please, ple… err… wait, that’s not Waid.

I’ve been a Flash completist for about a decade or so. I was incredibly bummed out when Volume 2 of The Flash was cancelled to be replaced by the short-lived Bart Allen book (though the Johns run had, err, run its course leaving the title in utter mediocrity). Upon hearing that the second volume of The Flash was going to relaunch (while keeping the ORIGINAL numbering!) not to mention Mark Waid would be writing it, I was jazzed to say the least. Having said all of that, I really wanted to like these last few issues. I wanted to go back to the great Flash stories by Waid & Ringo, Johns & Kolins… then, I opened the book.

I like most of what I’ve read of Mark Waid’s, however, I feel, the addition of the twins has really disturbed the dynamic of this book. This issue is quite a bit of an improvement on the last several… that still doesn’t exactly make it a great Flash story. This issue is the bridge between Mark Waid’s run and Tom Peyer’s upcoming run, and fills the gap suitably. The twins actually seem to play a role, rather than the damsels that the Flash needs to rescue. The characters are beginning to be fleshed out, and they almost didn’t annoy me this time around. The hackneyed moral ending, while almost offensively corny, made me smile a little bit. It’s not too often in comics these days where a character learns a moral lesson in the span of an issue (unless I’ve just been reading the wrong books).

Like I said, I’m a Flash completist, so I’m more than likely going to buy the book. I am, however, increasingly looking forward to Mr. Peyer’s take on this relaunch. I hope the children (if they are to stick around for the extended future) become better established characters, rather than the argumentative tots they appear to be now.

In closing, this was a nice low-key issue, which may have been better suited at the beginning of the relaunch. It establishes the Wests as a family better than any of the other recent entries to the series.

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