The Incredibles #2


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The Incredibles #2


  • Words: Mark Waid
  • Art: Marcio Takara
  • Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
  • Story Title: Family Matters - Part 2
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: May 26, 2009

Turns out the Parrs may not all be so incredible after all.

The Incredibles #2 returns us to that lovable family of super-humans and their super-ways.  In this episode, we find kids being kids, manhood being questioned, and a family of superheroes tested.  Bob is trying to deal with his weakening powers while keeping his secret from his family.  Doc Sunbright tries to figure out why Bob’s powers seem to be disappearing.  During this powerless streak, Bob seems to make the best of being a normal Joe.  His family, however, is left in the dark, and the entire team dynamic becomes threatened.

Writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) continues this saga with a passion for the quick, exciting, fun stories he’s known so well for creating.  Waid is a master at character continuity, which is why we can hear the Parr family extolling these lines as if Pixar had come up with them.  The humor and action keep this story moving.  It’s easy to hear the fan in Waid come out in these pages; the reader should be excited for the last two installments of this mini-arc.

Marcio Takara’s artwork is a wonderful compliment to the Pixar film, allowing fans to relate to the story immediately.  Each page is carefully illustrated, with clean lines and a cartoon style.  Takara’s work is not only a complement to the animated film, but a complement to Waid’s writing style as well.  The reader’s eye smoothly runs from pane to pane, without overly-complicated scenes. 

This isn’t the first time Waid and coloror Andrew Dalhouse have worked together (Irredeemable), and one can see why.  Dalhouse develops Takara’s work perfectly, creating an amazing final product.  In The Incredibles #2, Dalhouse is able to capture the feeling of the film as well, while paying close attention to subtle nuances such as lighting a front porch, a computer screen, or an open refrigerator.  Of note, the Parrs' costumes are colored with exceptional vividness.

Overall, The Incredibles #2 is just as exciting as the first in the series.  The smaller scale of this saga will allow this creative team to stay together through the final two books, which is a great benefit to the reader.  Because Waid and Takara chose to stay so close to the Pixar creation, this comic is able to appeal to fans of the film.  This story is a great family adventure, not to be missed.

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