The Last Battle


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The Last Battle


  • Words: Tito Faraci
  • Art: Dan Brereton
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Price: $7.99
  • Release Date: Dec 21, 2011

A rarity in the entire industry.

Quality stories of the Great Caesar, Roman Legionnaires, and barbarian hordes are a rare sight in the comic book industry, making The Last Battle from Tito Faraci and Dan Brereton a unique and fulfilling tale of Roman conquest, rebellion, and faithful duty.  Beyond a solid story of one of Rome’s greatest generals, The Last Battle is heavily steeped in numerous facets of Rome’s culture that many fans will surely find fascinating.

The Last Battle is heavily grounded in the story of Caius Rodius, his two most important relationships, and the ultimate choice between both.  Torn between his duty to Caesar and the young Cammius he trained and groomed, The Last Battle chronicles several paramount situations in the Roman leader’s life, giving an insight into Rodius’ past while developing Cammius from student to rebel, all fatefully heading towards a bloody and fatal last battle.  Though containing a robust cast of characters, the true gem of The Last Battle is the Roman general’s bond with Cammius.  The young dissenter’s evolution from rugged student to seditious leader of the barbarian masses is not only bursting with tension, but sheds light on his former mentor who now finds himself a sullen hunter.

What reveals itself to be even more captivating than Cammius’ descent into rebellion is the cultural insight revealed through the pages of The Last Battle.  Over the course of the story, political differences are compared, and Rome’s military tactics and hunger for blood and violence are shown in all their gruesome glory.

Bringing Rome’s culture and the long dead legions back to life is Dan Brereton, who must have dedicated hours of exhaustive and thorough research to this project.  Countless details of Roman life, from ancient cities to massive coliseums, battle-worn armor and roads marked by severed heads are all featured in incredible detail.  The amount of knowledge conveyed through Brereton’s art alone is enough to make The Last Battle a worthwhile read.

The Last Battle is an action-packed and character focused story of tragedy any fan of historical fiction will enjoy.  Rome’s greatness both militarily and culturally is on full display as the torn Caius Rodius is asked to hunt down his greatest student, and in the process scratches the surface of the incredibly dense culture of Rome.  As The Last Battle concludes, it is sure to find itself in a place among few peers in the entire industry.  

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