The Phantom #15


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The Phantom #15


  • Words: Mike Bullock
  • Art: Carlos Magno
  • Inks: Carlos Magno
  • Colors: Bob Pedroza
  • Story Title: Walker's Line, Pt. 2
  • Publisher: Moonstone Books
  • Price: $3.50
  • Release Date: Mar 7, 2007

In retribution for an attack on his beloved aunt, the Phantom began a one-man war against gangs but will the desire for revenge sweep away the hero’s honor?

Mike Bullock’s writing for this title strengthens with each issue. Here he continues his drive to explore what sets this hero apart from others. So, what does make the Phantom special?

The quiet city of Clarksville, home to Kit Walker’s beloved Aunt Bessie and Uncle Ephraim is no longer quiet. Caught in the grip of gang activity, Walker’s aunt has become a victim and now hovers between life and death. The Phantom set out to clean up the streets but what began as a crusade is becoming a vendetta. When the leader of the gang puts two and two together, he decides to raise the stakes by attacking Bessie! Will saving his aunt cost the Phantom his soul?

With this story arc Bullock gives the familiar character of the Phantom a little bit of a twist by setting the story during Walker’s youth. This is a Phantom who is not as experienced, more eager, and definitely out of his element. It is canny the way Bullock plays up the fact that, in his home jungles of Bangalla, the Phantom has the weight of history, tradition and legend to back him up and here readers get a glimpse of how important those things can be. In America, the loss of those ephemeral weapons means that the Phantom must work harder to intimidate his enemies. Pushed hard and losing control of his emotions puts the hero in a precarious position.

Also returning to the second part of this arc is artist Carlos Magno. In this issue heincreases the dynamism of his art so that he truly captures the flow and speed of figures in motion. Whereas previously Bob Pedroza’s dark colors occasionally overwhelmed Magno’s work, in this issue Pedroza lightens up enough so that all the action can be clearly seen but not so much that the story loses that noir touch.

The Phantom may be decades old but his stories continue to be fresh, relevant and exciting. Moreover, there is a lot of heart here as well and you can’t help but care about these characters and what happens to them. If you’re looking for superhero action with a clear vision then look no further than The Phantom.

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