The Secret Adventures of Houdini


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The Secret Adventures of Houdini


  • Words: Todd Hunt
  • Art: Sean Von Gorman
  • Story Title: The Power of Houdini
  • Publisher: Alterna Comics
  • Price: $6.99
  • Release Date: Nov 21, 2012

There are some things about magic even Harry Houdini doesn’t know –– until now!

Meet Harry Houdini, world-renowned magician, escape artist, and strongman, able to take a punch from anyone. Now meet Harry Houdini, progenitor of today’s modern age ghost hunters, who’s on a secret mission to track down the cult of Cyprian, an ancient evil that yearns to return to Earth and wreak havoc on the 1920s. As the cult’s leader Amir is about to sacrifice a young boy, Harry makes a heroic entrance and saves the day. But after an all-out brawl with a possessed henchman that spans over a dozen exciting pages, Harry cripples the cult’s diabolic plot, if only for the moment, as a former friend and fellow famous person devises his own plan to help Cyprian conquer the world.

From Copenhagen to Atlantic City, New Jersey, from magic performances to human sacrifices gone awry, Harry Houdini makes a charming debut in this first book of the new series by writer Todd Hunt and illustrator Sean Von Gorman. Told in stunning black and white, The Secret Adventures of Houdini immediately draws us into the world of the famed illusionist as he’s pitted at the crossroads between simple stage magic and the unknown. The action tugs us along, and the witty banter seems to invoke the very spirit of Houdini himself as we join him on his quest to disprove the supernatural world that he may ultimately find has been at his side his whole life.

And in traditional Sean Von Gorman fashion, the release was nothing ordinary. At Forbidden Planet in New York City, the illustrator and escape artist in his own right was locked in a cage until every copy of The Secret Adventures of Houdini sold out. He even played some acoustic songs to entertain fans and passersby outside while his legion of contributors, including co-creator Todd Hunt, and J.M. DeSantis and Tom Gambino, who drew some fabulous pinups for the back of this volume, showed their amazing support right beside Von Gorman (on the other side of the cage, though). Amy Chu, creator of Girls Night Out, was also in attendance and giving out free Twinkies to anyone who bought The Secret Adventures of Houdini, Girls Night Out, and Meridien City, a comic by collaborator Georgia Lee.

Now that’s teamwork, and it’s this similar style of camaraderie between Hunt and Von Gorman that will make the next installment of The Secret Adventures of Houdini something even more spectacular than the first.

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