The Secret History of D. B. Cooper #1


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The Secret History of D. B. Cooper #1


  • Words: Brian Churilla
  • Art: Brian Churilla
  • Colors: Brian Churilla
  • Publisher: Oni Press
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Mar 14, 2012

One part Matrix. One part Inception. All Churilla.

It’s 1971 and the C.I.A. is waging a secret war against the U.S.’s deadliest threats in this tale of international intrigue in the gray matter void between reality and sheer nightmare. Who exactly is D. B. Cooper? A hijacker? Secret agent? Assassin for hire? Subtle hints keep us guessing as Cooper clambers through surreal landscapes with only a one-eared teddy bear for a companion as he launches an all-out assault on a giant beast that could prove more monstrous in the world of waking nightmares.

Writer/artist Brian Churilla architects a startling vision that alludes to mind trip movies like Inception and The Matrix but still retains a sense of originality. What’s most impressive is the suspense Churilla shapes and sustains as Cooper travails the terrain and keeps us trying to figure out exactly how the events in the cerebral sphere will effect the real world.

The only shortcoming with this first installment of The Secret History of D. B. Cooper is perhaps Churilla’s cartoony illustrations, which don’t instill an innate sense of fear, particularly in Cooper’s mind, which would have further elevated this story and the secret agent genre to new heights.

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