Tooth & Nail #1


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Tooth & Nail #1


  • Words: Nikola Jajic
  • Art: Gabriel Peralta
  • Publisher: Alterna Comics
  • Price: $0.99
  • Release Date: Jan 23, 2013

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Nikola Jajic’s Tooth & Nail takes lighthearted, raunchy potshots at pop culture icons.

I first encountered Nikola Jajic’s work reviewing his simmering historical thriller Devil’s Island a couple of years ago. The book was a well-crafted, mature work detailing the harrowing psychological and physical journey of a tortured captive of a French penal colony forced to hunt his fellow inmates.

So, let it be said now: Tooth & Nail is about as far away as one can get from Jajic’s prior work – and that’s a good thing.

Recently compiled into an online collection by Alterna Comics, Tooth & Nail is a rapid-fire rim shot of satirical one-pagers poking fun at everything we, as modern media whores, hold dear. Jajic showcases a penchant for cutting, raunchy humor that speaks directly to the fanboy in all of us. Nothing is sacred here. Everyone from the JLA and the Avengers to Sesame Street's The Count and Winnie the Pooh is fair game to Jajic and artistic collaborator Gabo Peralta.

As creators, bloggers, journalists, and publishers, we often get caught up in the business of comics, endlessly arguing, analyzing, and forecasting the effects the latest high-profile creator signing will have on a fan-favorite book or what the lasting repercussions of a blockbuster crossover event will be. No matter the level of our commitment or contribution to the art form that is graphic storytelling – whether we’re the lowliest reviewer or the hottest superstar artist – we forget comics are just stories, often pretty ridiculous ones at that.

By taking aim at some of the biggest fictional icons in pop culture, exposing some of their more inane qualities, Jajic and Peralta help us rediscover the “fan” inside. And I’m not talking about fanboys here, the cynical, bitter inner bastards we all seem to carry around with us ever since we “grew up” but rather that elusive little critter, the fan – the one who read Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew right alongside his monthly dose of Spider-Man or Green Lantern.  

There was a time when we weren’t afraid to make fun of our shared passion, when wild flights of fancy, fantasy mash-ups, and ribbing your buddy about his man-crush on Alan Moore weren’t permeated with alternating tones of viciousness and apathy. Although definitely not for kids and a bit rough around the edges, Jajic’s comedic shooting gallery of satirical strips does bring me back to the days when I could just sit back, relax, and truly enjoy a good comic…

Plus, the Dr. Doom strip just about made me piss my pants.

Published by Alterna Comics, Tooth & Nail is available now from comixology.com.

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