True Blood Ongoing #1


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True Blood Ongoing #1


  • Words: Ann Nocenti and Michael McMillian
  • Art: Michael Gaydos
  • Inks: Marcel Maiolo
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: May 24, 2012

Sexy vampires continue to live freely in the True Blood ongoing series.

With cautious steps I hopped into Ann Nocenti and Michael McMillian’s adaptation of Alan Ball’s True Blood.  Though admittedly only exposed to a few episodes of the gratuitously sex-focused TV vampire drama, I thought Nocenti and Gaydos collaborated quite well together to create a solid character driven first step in their series, where shock scenes are downplayed, title lead Sookie’s history is recalled, and seeds are planted for a deadly and mysterious threat to carry the title through its run.

Nocenti and McMillian’s method of recalling Sookie and her companions’ histories is handled quite well, offering solid personality juxtapositions while also pushing True Blood Ongoing into fresh territory.  The voices of True Blood Ongoing are dripping with slow Southern drawls, whether it be Sookie’s confident refusals of sexual advances, or her boss’s reassuring compliments. Each character reads wholly unique and relatable.

True Blood Ongoing is not merely limited to a collection of quality dialogue-focused scenes, however, as Nocenti and McMillian’s plot lays the seeds of some serious threats to come.  Interwoven with the retelling of Sookie’s history is the arrival of a mysterious threat that challenges the safety of the vampires that call Bon Temps, Louisiana home.  The very basis of True Blood’s story is that vampires have revealed themselves and live among humanity in relative safety; Nocenti and McMillian’s yet to be named villain clearly casts that security into doubt.

True Blood Ongoing #1, from the combined talents of Ann Nocenti and Michael McMillian, is a great first step in a comic adaptation of one of HBO’s biggest shows. Both the characters and the direction of the new series will likely leave readers ready for more, making the month wait in between issues difficult to bear.

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