Ultimate Fantastic Four #27


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Ultimate Fantastic Four #27


  • Words: Mark Millar
  • Art: Greg Land
  • Inks: Matt Ryan
  • Colors: Justin Ponsor
  • Story Title: President Thor, Part 1
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $2.50
  • Release Date: Feb 15, 2006

The Fantastic Four make a decision that will change them…and the world.

You will be confused on the first couple pages of this issue, but be assured, that is Reed Richards having a meeting with the Fantastic Four before they have their own meeting with the Fantastic Four. It seems that within the next 24 hours, the FF will make the decision that they must undo the experiment that created them. And as Reed continues through the day trying to convince everyone of a change he knows is coming, suddenly everyone starts to turn to the idea. Seems sometimes friendship is more important than any superpower.

Because he was one of the architects of the Ultimate Universe it makes sense that Mark Millar didn’t take long to really get a grasp for these characters. He’s highlighted the scientific exploration aspect of the team in favor of just straight superhero stories. The dialogue for the book has become progressively tighter over the course of his run, and it still retains that classic Millar wit. Even better than that, his pacing has been spot on as he continues to amp up the momentum and turn stories on their head. Each issue has brought a new surprise and ended with a quality cliffhanger.

It may have taken him a couple issues longer, but it finally looks like Greg Land has made his mark on this book. Initially, his artwork seemed slightly out of place, as if the pieces of each image didn’t fit, but lately it has started to fit more, which is odd considering that the artistic style has not changed too much. But Land has been making better decisions on his angles, positioning of objects in his panel, and his storytelling is much improved. Where before each panel seemed to exist on its own, showcasing images instead of a story, Land has improved so much that the transitions between scenes are smooth and unnoticeable.

Ultimate Fantastic Four has been a consistently fun book no matter who writes it. And coming after the six issue arcs of Warren Ellis, Millar’s shorter and faster paced stories are a nice change of pace. The only two problems here are that the big surprise of the book is given away by the title and cover and that to be President of the United States, even Thor should have to wear sleeves.

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