Uncanny X-Men #525


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Uncanny X-Men #525


  • Words: Matt Fraction
  • Art: Terry Dodson
  • Inks: Rachel Dodson
  • Colors: Justin Ponsor
  • Story Title: Second Coming: Chapter 10
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jun 9, 2010

Second Coming continues in Uncanny X-Men #525!  In this action-heavy issue, the rest of the Marvel Universe gets involved, as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers try to break the dome around the X-Men’s base.  Also, the first look at Hope’s mutant power!

Writer Matt Fraction has always taken the time to think out storylines and has generally made it a point to treat each character like a part of a larger universe.  It’s something that I’ve always appreciated about him.  This issue shows these qualities off really well, as Fraction is able to involve other heroes while keeping the story primarily about the X-Men.  Since Second Coming is literally an extinction level event, the major superheroes of the Marvel U would have no choice but to get involved, especially since a giant bubble is sealing off a major American city.  While the bubble is not the subtlest of plot points, its emergence has separated the X-Men from every capable non-mutant that could help them.  A lot of times, the X-Men have refused help from other heroes for pride reasons, which I think makes the storyline less credible and the characters less likable.  When life and death or, in this case, extinction is on the line, it seems selfish to refuse help because of pride. 

I can also appreciate how Fraction systematically cut the X-Men off from nearly every option throughout the first nine chapters of this crossover.  With all of the X-scientists outside of the bubble, and all of the teleporters dead, Cyclops doesn’t have many choices.  In addition, Fraction’s attention to detail makes the story much more real and, as a result, the reader can comfortably invest much more in the book.  The Thing’s bloody knuckles and the fact that the dome is extremely durable but not indestructible lend so much weight to the story, because they show that the Marvel U is still governed by some of the laws of physics.

What can I say about Terry Dodson’s art that I haven’t said before?  It is, as always, dynamic, vibrant, and just generally aesthetically pleasing.  Broader Marvel readers can appreciate that Iron Man is sporting his newest upgraded armor, which has been popping up inconsistently since the end of Siege.  Dodson also has a gift for including pin-up style panels that fit into the story naturally, which is a real treat for readers.

Things just keep building in Second Coming.  With the heaviest hitters stranded in the far future with no hope of return and the X-Men and Hope trapped with an endless supply of Nimrods in the past, it looks like the X-Men have their work cut out for them.  With only four chapters left, the excitement is quickly reaching its climax.  Be sure not to fall behind!

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