Vampirella #22


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Vampirella #22


  • Words: Brandon Jerwa
  • Art: Heubert Khan Michael
  • Colors: Mat Lopes
  • Story Title: Inquisition, Part 2
  • Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
  • Price: 3.99
  • Release Date: Sep 1, 2012

Truth be told, after Eric Trautmann handed over the reins of this title to Brandon Jerwa,  I had absolutely not one ounce of doubt that this change would be well worth following. And I was not wrong.

In Vampirella #21 we step forward in time and see Vampirella chasing after, and helping, her human partner and friend Sofia. Sofia was merged with the spirit of Vampirella´s arch-enemy Von Kreist in the last minutes of Vampirella #20 and Jerwa is stepping up the game, also bringing in a sort of a coup within the Cestus Dei, the secret organisation of the Holy Church. Her handler at Cestus Dei is Criswell and the magical book he got into his hands during Vampirella Annual #1 is now the key element to end, or at least free, Vampirella from the corruption which the Cestus Dei has been experiencing of late.

Crisswell is getting away with Vampirella, but why is he handing her over to the sisterhood of the Scarlet Legion?

Meanwhile Lord Dracula is summoned by the Parliament Of Demons, because he has been challenged by... Sofia a.k.a. Von Kreist!

Jerwa is working many angles, from fiends to friends and from secret agencies to ancient monster clashes. He is well suited to tackle this many angles and I am looking forward to taking the journey with him.

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