Vampirella: Second Coming #4


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Vampirella: Second Coming #4


  • Words: Phil Hester
  • Art: Al Rio
  • Publisher: Harris Comics
  • Price: $1.99
  • Release Date: Dec 9, 2009

And this is the end...and the beginning!!!

After re-imagining the iconic character of Vampirella and trying (and succeeding) for an out-of-the-box approach, the writer has put up an impressive finale for this story arc. The battle we just knew was going to happen, starts full frontal and it is the ultimate sacrifice and the ultimate fight for survival between the Armies of Chaos and our beloved Vampirella.

The beginning of this issue creates an image of Vampirella, through an array of disciples wreaking vengeance on the baddies, and that image is similar to the personifications of the Goddess - as worshiped by witches - as well as a certain song by Meredith Brooks! This new image of Vampirella adds a new meaning, purpose and even a sense of religious nature that has never been taken up like this in all the comics she has been in!
Lord Gore is the total opposite of this image, this vision of grandeur. He is living up to every association his name connects to and is visually overpowering by the artwork of Al Rio. It is a joy to read such an eloquent bad guy as Hester is giving us. So much happens with the words and with Al Rio visualizing it that it truly measures up to the magnifitude of the story. Lord Gore's plan to take over the world is standard bad guy behavior but the said visualization and words written make this indeed a story to be reckoned with.

The way Hester is letting Vampirella take control of her following and the way she takes the battle to the main persona of evil incarnate is price worthy. She takes a true bite out of evil and when sidekick Pendragon sticks to his own set plan in aiding his friend, the visuals...I would like to spoil it so badly, but this moment is too good to be spoiled and it gets me anxious about future storylines already!

But before that will happen, Vampirella takes her next step to become a true icon again. Maybe it is a step back to the first storyline set out by Hester. But the scene is set and it tells the reader that Vampirella will be around forever, but she will travel via images and thoughts, as the goddess she is...?

Phil Hester made a valid and dedicated attempt to both contribute to the legacy and history of Vampirella and make her iconic as never before. Nevertheless he also made an effort every bit as successful to create a story that tackles feminism and the struggle that battered women must face to overcome the vile creatures that are unfortunately not a thing of fiction...

I have now read all the issues of Vampirella's Second Coming and in conclusion I can only say that I am stunned by Al Rio's artwork. He took the first artist's lead and ran with it. I know Al Rio is famous for his delicious pinups but I always thought his interiors were lacking in the art of storytelling. But with these issues of Vampirella he has really shown me that he has mastered that last aspect as well. His visuals are stunning as always, but this time he took his art to the next level and made me a new fan.

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