Warriors of Mars #1


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Warriors of Mars #1


  • Words: Robert Place Napton
  • Art: Jack Jadson
  • Colors: Alex Starling
  • Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
  • Price: $3.99
  • Release Date: Feb 1, 2012

Warriors of Mars channels TV serials of decades past.

The time and space traveler Gullivar Jones makes his way from Civil War veteran to hero of the Barsoom people of Mars within the quick-paced and fun pages of Warriors of Mars.  Based on the characters of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Warriors of Mars reads like a classic television serial from past generations, with a famed space traveler carving out his heroic existence amongst a strange people, and more importantly, claiming the most beautiful of princesses for himself.

Throughout the issue, Gullivar transforms from constant victim of circumstance to proactive hero.  After a disheartening denial for military promotion, the defeated veteran stumbles upon a magic carpet, one that eventually ensnares him upon his uttering of an off-hand wish, and transports him to the bizarre and beautiful land of Barsoom.  Barsoom is undoubtedly a stunning setting, yet it pales in comparison to the Princess Heru, who instantly kindles a burning romance in the human.  Jones’ newly formed love for the Martian princess forces him to finally take a proactive role in his story, one that adds several exciting situations to the book while leading towards a depressing cliffhanger.

Much like how the story calls upon themes from old television serials, Jack Jadson’s art likewise channels classic styles.  Barsoom looks like an oasis amidst the dreary red planet’s grounds, for example.  The Martian people who befriend our hero, much like their grand city, look far more exotic and beautiful than their counterparts on Earth, with their scantily proportioned clothing barely covering their forms; while the evil Thither People, on the other hand, appear menacing and terrifying for likely no other reason than their evil disposition. 

Warriors of Mars #1 is a fun and impressive beginning for writer Robert Place Napton, and artist Jack Jadson.  Reading like an old science fiction adventure from long past times, Gullivar Jones’ tale is sure to please fans of the genre.  Though beaten into submission, issue #2 is sure to find the hero returning to glory.

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