Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #5


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Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #5


  • Words: Brandon Seifert
  • Art: Lukas Ketner
  • Colors: Andy Troy
  • Publisher: Skybound Entertainment
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Mar 27, 2013

Not just another sidekick: Eric Gast takes charge in the penultimate chapter of Seifert and Ketner’s side-splitting occult-medical thriller.

The more I get to know Doc Morrow’s supporting cast, the more I come to like them. As this second volume of Witch Doctor comes to a close, Seifert and Ketner shine a well-deserved spotlight on Morrow’s intrepid paranormal paramedic, Eric Gast. Indeed, despite a central conflict revolving around the doctor’s infection with an occult STD, Mal Practice has in many ways been a huge arc for the character.

With Penny sidelined for the past couple of issues, it’s fallen to Eric to keep Morrow alive long enough to rid himself of the Strigoi parasite. Seifert has strewn hints along the way that there is much more to Eric than even he himself knows. But despite the mysterious flash of light emanating from Gast during his escape from Nostrum in issue #3 and subtle indications from Morrow himself that his erstwhile associate harbors hidden depths, it is Eric’s ability to rise to the occasion and inspire others that showcases his true value as a member of the team. Without Eric, much of what Morrow accomplishes wouldn’t be possible. In fact, so much of the plot hinges on Gast, without him the story would fall flat.

Ketner also has a penchant for rising to the occasion and overcoming artistic challenges. How does one render a realistic interpretation of a supernatural sexual parasite hiding in one’s lungs? You’ll have to read the book to see the answer but let it be said, Ketner doesn’t disappoint. The parasitic bogeyman residing in Morrow’s lungs is as grotesque and epic as possible. This is the monster we’ve been waiting all series to see and it was well worth the build-up.

With next issue concluding the series, I’ll be sad to see Witch Doctor leave the shelves. Seifert leaves a twisted little spoiler in the last panel of the book, hinting all may not come up roses for the good doctor but I have a feeling the sophomore success that is Mal Practice will ensure it won’t be too long before we see more of this occult MD.

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