Wonder Woman #4


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Wonder Woman #4


  • Words: Allan Heinberg
  • Art: Terry Dodson
  • Inks: Rachel Dodson
  • Colors: Mike Atiyeh
  • Story Title: Who is Wonder Woman? Part 4
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Feb 21, 2007

With the moment of truth now revealed, Diana must embrace her heritage once again in order to stop the machinations of Circe.

I was tickled pink when I heard the news that writer extraordinaire Allan Heinberg would be charting Wonder Woman’s adventures post Infinite Crisis. However, what I am not thrilled about is the long delay in between issues presumably due to Allan’s busy schedule. Now with that being said, the fourth issue hit the stands and I must admit I am enjoying this arc thanks to Allan’s strong storytelling abilities.

The issue opens with Diana lost in the midst of a debate with some of her friends in the JSA, as well as being joined by Cassie and Donna. The discussions centre upon Circe and how they should deal with her after the arch-nemesis stole the combined powers of all three women connected to the Wonder Woman mythos. Of course Diana would prefer to go this sojourn alone as she deals with Circe face to face, but her friends refuse to let her do that. Cassie storms out and Donna decides to take up counsel with members of the magical community in order to take a different approach to tackling the problem. Diana has a different idea altogether and with Hercules joining her along the way, the battle lines are drawn once the pair faces Circe on her home turf.

Now there’s so much more going on here and it’s nice to find such intricate plotting as far as Allan’s script is concerned. Again, and I have said this in the past, the man intuitively understands the usage of story beats and this issue had them placed appropriately when it mattered the most. Particularly the ending, but I won’t give that spoiler away, since the twist here worked surprisingly well. I think my only complaint with this series is the flip flopping of characters all proclaiming to possess the power of Wonder Woman, although I am hoping that is finally settled with the latest string of developments playing itself out the way it did in the end.

Beyond that though, the art chores by Terry and Rachel Dodson continue to shine brightly. This artistic couple work supremely well together and I will say this relationship is entirely symbiotic given the strong components of penciling and inking provided by both. Every page was solid and drawn tightly by the artist, and Terry is obviously passionate about the character in terms of how he portrays her regality. I am really enjoying his work here and it will be a real shame once he eventually moves on from this project. In the meantime though, soak up every panel, angle and subtle nuances leaping off the page of this issue.

For me though, the biggest deterrent with this series is of course the long delays in between issues. I know much of this is due to Allan’s busy schedule, but I can’t help but think this hurts the series somewhat. I believe the essential ingredients for a new series to be successful are to remain consistent at the start of it. Of course, in this case I am doing my best to overlook that oversight because I truly believe this to be a creative team of considerable quality, and every issue has been a treat to read thus far. I am looking forward to the next issue despite however long it takes to reach the stands.

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