Worlds' Finest #1


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Worlds' Finest #1


  • Words: Paul Levitz
  • Art: George Perez
  • Inks: Scott Koblish
  • Colors: Hi-Fi
  • Story Title: Rebirth
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: May 2, 2012

Power Girl and Huntress explode into the New 52.

Exploding out of plot-points from James Robinson’s Earth 2 comes Helena Bertinelli Wayne and Karen Starr, more commonly known at Huntress and Power Girl.  Famed scribe Paul Levitz along with George Perez start their new title off with a bang, as the pair focus on two more of Earth 2 heroes, their transport to the main DCU, and the five years they have spent developing their new identities.  Worlds’ Finest is fun, clever, and a much more mature take on these two classic female heroes, whose story continues to expand The New 52.

Paul Levitz hits the ground running at full speed with his revision of Huntress and Power Girl, who read much more confident, modern, and capable than ever.  Power Girl especially has benefited from a new origin, now an incredibly wealthy and intelligent science mogul, who uses her knowledge to search for a return to Earth 2.  Huntress, on the other hand, has tapped into the funds of a certain billionaire from Gotham City to equip herself in an effort to take down crime across her city.  The possibility of a future cameo or crossover featuring the Dark Knight is quite exciting, as the ever vigilant hero surely is aware of Huntress’ thieving moves. 

Beyond the solid character interactions between Huntress and Power Girl, however, is Levitz's story of sabotage and destruction that cripples Starr labs.  The new villain at the heart of our heroine’s misfortune appears to be the perfect threat for Worlds’ Finest’s new leading ladies, who find their struggle to return home sidelined before they could take any major step forward.  If Huntress and Power Girl are here to stay, they could not be in better hands than Levitz's.

If Paul Levitz did not excite readers enough, then George Perez’s artwork surely will.  Perez channels the legacy of the previous DC Universe and the tone of Huntresses and Power Girls long gone, all the while updating their looks for a much more respecting book.  The action and static frames all look quite good, especially considering the amount of set-pieces and detail Perez highlights.  Time will only tell if Perez can keep up the quality of Worlds’ Finest #1, but for a start, he knocked the first issue out of the park.

Worlds’ Finest lands itself as one of the better books of DC’s “second wave” of New 52 titles.  Levitz’s update of Power Girl and Huntress makes perfect sense, and reads even better.  The interaction between the two heroines is top-notch, while George Perez’s art makes each and every page a blast to read.  Worlds’ Finest #1 is a definite read for anyone interested in the quickly expanding Multiverse at DC.

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  • FunCurve

    FunCurve May 5, 2012 at 11:49am

    Good review Mr. Clyme and it made me a lot more likely to buy the comic when I'm at my comic shop this weekend!

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