X-Men #188


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X-Men #188


  • Words: Mike Carey
  • Art: Chris Bachalo
  • Inks: Tim Townsend & Jaime Mendoza
  • Colors: Antonio Fabela
  • Story Title: Supernovas, Part 1
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $2.99
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2006

Sabretooth is on the run from villains more dangerous than he is. Will the X-Men give even him sanctuary?

In the first issue of Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo’s run on X-Men we see some strange things. First and foremost, a frightened Sabretooth sets the stage and feel for the story by, quite literally, running scared from a group of mysterious and deadly villains. Secondly, Rogue, who has some pent up rage stemming from the events in Peter Milligan’s run, shows just how powerful a mutant with the ability to take other mutant’s powers can be. Because of her performance, Cyclops gives her a team and all the pieces fall into place for what is sure to be an intriguing tale.

Mike Carey is taking over the writing chores from Milligan, whose run was, to say the least, heavily debated in comic book stores nationwide. Some fans will be happy Carey’s characters, particularly Rogue, often refer to and behave in certain ways because of the events in his predecessor’s run. Others, those who wish to forget Peter Milligan ever touched an X-title for instance, will be disappointed because Carey has not forgotten what went on before and uses it as a stepping stone to what is sure to be bigger and better things. That aside, with a roster of complicated relationships (Sabretooth/Mystique, Cannonball/Cable, Mystique/Rogue) he should be able to pull off the obvious drama needed. Though there is quite a bit of exposition and building in this issue and we do not see the team operate as a whole unit, by introducing new villains and showing old characters behave in strange ways, Carey has set the stage well for things to come.

But what can I say about Chris Bachalo’s art that hasn’t already been said? His panel work, in another’s hands would seem cluttered and overstuffed; when he draws though, the images seem full of life with intriguing backgrounds that show you something new each time you see them. His storytelling is a blend of surrealism, classic comic art, and British pacing that creates a new look for the book many fans may be eager for after years of Salvador Larroca’s work. Though his art was always good, Bachalo’s dramatic, almost cartoonish style is a fun change of pace that is sure to keep your interest.

Rogue’s X-Men are in for some interesting times, facing new villains within and without the team as well as dealing with at least one shocking revelation. If you didn’t like Milligan’s work, now might be the time to pick up the book. If you did like Milligan’s X-Men, don’t stop now; Carey and Bachalo are running wild!

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