X-Men: Giant Size #1


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X-Men: Giant Size #1


  • Words: Christopher Yost
  • Art: Paco Medina and Dalibor Talajic
  • Inks: Dalibor Talajic and Juan Vlasco
  • Colors: Marte Gracia and Wil Quintana
  • Story Title: From First To Last
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Price: $4.99
  • Release Date: May 18, 2011

With quite a few X-Men mini-events about to begin, it's safe to say that the X-Men are spreading themselves a bit thin as of late. If you were to go to the shelf of your local comic book store right now, you could find the X-Men fighting Fin Fang Foom, dealing with Dracula, going to Breakworld, and even fighting the Brood, and that's without counting the extraneous teams like X-Force. This week's one shot, X-Men Giant Size #1, written by regular X-event scribe Christopher Yost and penciled by the two-man team of Paco Medina and Dalibor Talajic, is the beginning to yet another X-Men storyline, one that definitely sets itself apart from the rest.

The issue opens up with an attack on Utopia by the Neos, who, if you aren't familiar with them, are a mutant subspecies who essentially blame the X-Men for a tragedy the High Evolutionary committed against them. During the skirmish, Cyclops blacks out and a flashback to a classic battle with Magneto and the first Sentinel is shown, albeit much differently than it first happened. After the battle with the Sentinel, the First Class X-Men return to the mansion, which unfolds rather unsurprisingly with Cyclops questioning Xavier's leadership.

Though these kind of arguments are frequent in order to keep with continuity that Charles Xavier may not have been the leader the books made him out to be, this one is remarkably well handled. Yost does a great job of keeping the pacing of the argument fresh, with Iceman and Angel both adding quips in the background. It's nice to see these characters getting their classic characterization, especially with Angel having become such a dark character in recent years due to his Archangel persona. It's after this argument that the two timelines' stories start to converge, introducing a new group of beings known as the Evolutionaries.

Without spoiling what the Evolutionaries do, it is clear that whatever happened in the past with the X-Men is going to have direct ramifications to what happens in the present. A lot of speculation has gone around that this storyline was going to be about time travel, and that isn't completely ruled out, but the story this issue sets up doesn't make it clear if the First Class X-Men are going to meet their modern day counterparts. The two artists do a fantastic job on this issue. With Paco Medina drawing the modern day team (as he does in X-Men), and Talajic drawing the classic version, you get a good sense that this is a flashback to the early days of the X-Men, and not just a vision in Cyclops' head.

This book can serve different audiences, though mainly of course those interested in the X-Men. For a long time reader, this book is the start of a new storyline that's done something somewhat surprising in the first issue. For a new reader, it's a great jumping on point for people who want to read the monthly X-Men book. Though it does deal with some obscure characters (namely the Neos), Yost sets the tone of the X-Men and their relationships very well. Cyclops has some strong character moments in both the present tense and flashbacks, giving an idea of what he's all about as the leader of the X-Men, a concept that this book clearly focuses on. An entirely new “villain” (it's complicated) makes it easy for anyone to pick up this issue without scratching their heads as to what the team is dealing with.

My only major gripes about this issue are that if you're an X-Men continuity purist, the book definitely seeks to rewrite certain aspects of the team's past. The entire existence of the Evolutionaries is essentially a retcon, as well as Magneto being involved in the X-Men's first fight with the Sentinels. Even so, Yost has proven himself to know these characters and what makes them tick, and he can be trusted to modify things that happened over 45 years ago to tell a good story. This arc, “First to Last”, is shaping up to be pretty cool.

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