The Frontiersman

The Frontiersman is the world’s first digital comics magazine, created specifically for mobile devices such as the iPad, but can equally be enjoyed on your desktop or laptop computer. The magazine is released bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

The Frontiersman debuted in April 2010 and serves as the digital companion to the main Broken Frontier website. While the site gives you your daily dose of comics news, the magazine focuses on in-depth coverage that you can read at your own pace, when you feel like it.

Where can I read The Frontiersman?

The Frontiersman is available on iTunes and can also be downloaded on the following carriers:

Sample The Frontiersman #1 for free!

The first issue of The Frontiersman is available for free on various carriers and platforms across the web, including the destinations linked to in the previous paragraph. To dive right into the sensational experience that is The Frontiersman, flip through the issue below.


How does The Frontiersman look on my tablet?

Watch the short video below to get a feel for how the magazine looks on your tablet (device shown is the iPad, but it works on Android-based tablets too!).

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